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On this site, we offer you a clear roadmap for success, revealing invaluable insights, proven strategies, and essential tools that can truly make a difference in your contracting business. To access the complete wealth of knowledge, all you need to do is click the button below and get your hands on our Ebook, “Breaking the wall: Unlocking 7 figures in your 6-figure contracting business.”

We’re here to help you navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities on your journey to success. Discover the power of structured management, efficient sales processes, and innovative automation, all of which combine to take your business to the 7-figure next level. We’re offering you not just information but a game-changing perspective.

This is the perfect roadmap to scale from a 6-figure to a 7-figure operation

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Establishing Your Digital Presence

In the opening section of this guide, we dive into the pivotal role of marketing in reaching the coveted 7-figure milestone. The bedrock of this achievement is a robust lead generation system, encompassing a spectrum of valuable lead sources, such as phone calls, form submissions, referrals, and quote requests. Our first chapter, “Establishing Your Digital Presence,” spotlights the core components of your online visibility:


Your website acts as the cornerstone of your digital presence, instilling trust, capturing traffic, offering multiple contact avenues, and enhancing SEO for improved visibility.

Google Business Listing

Cultivating a robust local digital footprint, this listing boosts your business’s reputation and discoverability, underscoring the influence of positive reviews.

VOIP System

Beyond mere phone calls, VOIP systems supply valuable call data for analysis and seamlessly integrate with CRM systems, simplifying call management.

CRM System

The central hub for lead and client management, automating data organization and follow-up processes.

Social Media Pages

Leverage platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to solidify your brand’s visibility, foster community engagement, execute targeted advertising, solicit reviews, and drive active client interaction.

Lead Generation

Fueling Your Growth Engine

Understanding the Dynamics of a Lead At the heart of lead generation is the art of value exchange, a process where you offer something of value to prospective clients in return for their information, signifying the perceived value of this exchange.

Diverse Lead Types

Delve into the multifaceted world of leads, including calls, referrals, form submissions, and quote requests, each bearing distinct levels of purchase intent.

  • Calls 
  • Referrals
  • Form Submissions
  • Quote Requests

By comprehending the characteristics and nuances of each lead type, you gain the ability to tailor your strategies to effectively nurture and convert these prospects, ultimately fueling your journey towards achieving a 7-figure contracting business.

A Myriad of Lead Generation Sources

Explore various channels to diversify lead acquisition, including tapping into existing customer relationships, incentivizing referrals, engaging in local networking, harnessing the power of Google Ads and Local Service Ads, crafting targeted paid social media campaigns, considering traditional advertising platforms, and establishing strategic partnerships with complementary businesses.

With a strategic lead generation approach, businesses can ensure a consistent influx of potential clients, enhancing conversion probabilities and cultivating sustainable growth.

By cementing these foundational elements, your marketing endeavors become not only more efficient but also more effective, resulting in heightened outreach and elevated interaction quality with both potential prospects and loyal clientele.


The Art of Closing Deals

The Sales Process for
Contracting Businesses

A streamlined sales process is essential for scaling a contracting business to seven figures.

A well-structured sales process ensures consistency, efficiency, and scalability.

Key elements of crafting a contracting sales process include CRM systems, client communication scripts, training, KPI tracking, feedback gathering, scheduled follow-ups, and clear quotes/pricing packages.

The process is like constructing a strong foundation for your business, allowing for growth.

Crafting a Winning Sales Pitch for
Contracting Businesses

A compelling sales pitch is crucial for winning projects in contracting.

A standardized pitch ensures that your team communicates value, addresses client concerns, and closes deals effectively.

The pitch should include clear discoveries, identification of client needs and budget, presenting multiple solutions, and offering a warranty or guarantee.

Standardizing the pitch with interchangeable quotes, training on the pitch framework, and feedback loops ensures consistency and confidence in delivering the pitch.

Sales Management –
Empowering Your Sales Team

Sales management plays a significant role in strengthening the sales process.

Effective sales management involves weekly call reviews, tag-alongs, tracking KPIs, direct customer feedback, and refinement.

Managers should engage in collaborative feedback with reps, provide on-the-ground training, and gather direct customer feedback.

The focus is on mentorship and providing reps with guidance, feedback, and tools for success, ensuring a streamlined and effective sales process.


Sculpting a solid foundation

Uncover the operational strategies that underpin a successful journey from a 6-figure to a 7-figure contracting business.
Emphasize the significance of establishing robust management controls, ensuring a structured approach to key operational aspects.

Setting Up Management Controls

Management controls are crucial for streamlining operations, ensuring accountability, and facilitating growth in a contracting business.

Key elements include accurate bookkeeping, controlling admin access to sensitive data, maintaining a clear company hierarchy, financial forecasting, and creating standardized standard operating procedures (SOPs).

SOPs act as playbooks for consistent, error-free task execution and should be regularly reviewed and updated.

These controls provide the foundation for an organized, efficient, and sustainable business, setting the stage for achieving and sustaining 7-figure success.


Delegation is a key strategy for moving from a 6-figure to a 7-figure contracting business.

Benefits of delegation include allowing business owners to focus on growth, increasing efficiency, boosting profits, and reducing burnout.

To master delegation, start by identifying tasks to delegate, set clear expectations, and empower your team without micromanaging.

When hiring, consider industry job boards, referrals, and trade schools. Prioritize skill set and cultural fit.

Know when to let go, including when to fire employees for consistent underperformance or values misalignment. Handle such


Reach Efficiency through Automation

Automation stands as the cornerstone of a successful journey toward a 7-figure contracting business. This powerful ally is your key to operational excellence, reducing human errors, and boosting profits to unprecedented levels. Automation also makes this world a reality. It doesn’t just save time; it’s a game-changer for profitability. Let’s delve into some of the critical areas where automation redefines your contracting business.

Review Requests

Positive reviews are the lifeblood of your reputation. They elevate your brand, making potential clients more likely to choose your services. With automation, platforms like Podium or ReviewBuzz can send out review requests like clockwork. The key? Timing. Schedule these requests soon after a job is completed while the experience is fresh in the client’s mind.




Job Status


This silent engine working in the background ensures tasks are performed with surgical precision and timeliness. It’s your secret weapon, tirelessly ensuring operational efficiency, error reduction, and, most importantly, a direct path to higher profits.

In the world of contracting, automation isn’t a luxury; it’s a necessity. It’s your ticket to 7-figure success, a powerhouse that elevates your operations to new heights. Are you ready to embrace this transformative force and reap the rewards of higher profitability and operational efficiency?