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With our Repair + Buyback package, you get the basic requirements of a repair shop covered! Promote your services online with our repair website and improve your shop’s buyback process with our buyback site. Both the sites include advanced tools to capture leads for both repair & buyback processes.

Benefits of a Buyback Site

Our buyback site was designed to help you streamline your shop’s buyback process and convert your website visitors to REAL buyback opportunity. See how our buyback site can be beneficial for your business.

Monthly Model Updates

When a new model update comes, just click a button, wait 4-5 minutes and your site will be updated with all of this month’s newest models!

New Models added monthly

Right now we only support iPhones, iPads and Samsung S & note series. We will be adding more devices in the near future!

Managed Database Pricing

We update our master prices weekly to ensure that you’re never over quoting another device.

Easy to manage pricing

Easy to manage pricing at the catalogue, Category, model & model variable level!

Improve your website functionality

Give your visitors a better experience!

Capture leads with our lead capture tool

Capture lead & device info from people looking to sell their device!

Reduce buyback training for staff

You don’t need a phone flipping wiz to be successful!

Reduce Customer service costs

Direct people to the website for instant appraisals!

Automate follow up sequences

Integrate with Automated follow up sequences for best results!

Easily Adaptable

We’ve made it EXTREMELY easy to update the criteria for your device conditions, location info & even SMS/EMail quote delivery templates!

What our clients have to say

Wow – i gotta say that working with the Reapair Lift team was one of the better decisions i´ve made in my career.

When i met Cory & the guys i was doing about 30k/mo in profit from my roofing company. I was doing some google ads to get customers but mainly getting my work through referrals from other jobs I did.

The RL team opened my eyes to how much more i could get out of my Google ads by optimizing them and increasing spend. They also added social media and fixed my website to start driving even more traffic from other sources.

Within 6-months I was able to increase my profit to over $90k. Specifically 93k last month.

I can’t say enough good things about this team & I’m excited to see what the next level brings. Thanks a lot guys!

Daniilo Moreno

March 27, 2023

I have been using Repair Lift for over 2 years. They have helped significantly increase the sales of all four of our locations.

I love that is plug and play, so i don’t have to worry about it. What i love more is that they always have their ear to the ground and they continue to bring new strategies to me, so that i can use them before our competitors do.

Further to that, they convinced me to start buying and selling phones. this played a huge role, in helping us compete with the carriers. Highly recommend.

Chady Boutros

January 19, 2023

Undeniably necessary – Repair Lift has taken my repair shop to the next level. Starting from 15k months to now 30k and beyond their teams pushes you to simply do better! Reliable communication from Christina and Oliver. Anything I need done they have made happen.

Thank you again, happy holidays! Looking forward to double in 2023.

Samuel Fouks

December 22, 2022

I’ve worked with Repair Lift, specifically Oliver, for the past two years and couldn’t be happier with the service and relationship we’ve made. Our sales month to month over the past two years have steadily increased and a large part is because of the work this company has done for my shop. In the beginning, they did an overhaul on our website, and then I decided to let them manage our google ads and for the past year, our increased calls and leads have paid for themselves.

I recommend these guys to anyone looking to increase traffic and leads for their business. It’s a no-brainer! Thanks, guys

Jordan Irvine

Owner – Irvine Phone Repair

These guys are awesome. They did a full overhaul of my website in a timely manner. The quoted me a certain time period to complete the site, and they delivered as promised. The price was very fair as well for what we got. These guys specialize in building sites and handling social media / google adwords for repair shops. If you’re looking to get more traffic to your repair shop, give these guys a call!!

Alex Guan

Owner of LA Tech Repairs

So you’re wondering how to get everyone that owns a device or knows someone that owns a device to bring their issues (and hopefully money) to you?
Step 1: Hire these guys!
Step 2: Figure out how to manage so many customers.
Having these guys is amazingly convenient. They know exactly what to do, and how to do it economically too. They’re super helpful with any questions and are very transparent with their service. If it’s not already obvious, I highly recommend these guys.

Daniel Okagbare

Chief Technology Officer at Matrix Mobile

I’ve always been a firm believer in staying in your lane and doubling down on what your strengths are! Repair Lift has enabled me to explode my repair business, while I focus to keep up with the increased customer demand, systems improvement, employee management and the countless other tasks a business owner faces day-to-day.
These guys know the industry, your customers, and how to position business’s value in the most effective way possible. HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Alex Dechant

Founder & CEO of Cell Clinic

I would recommend this service to anyone in the repair industry. I have personally used this service for 5 months now and have doubled my monthly sales and still seeing growth every month!

William Borchard

Owner of Damaged Device Repair

Industry leaders for sure! Great return on investment. Been using these guys for a long time. Would recommend 100%

Dave and Sharon Cran

Owners of iBroken Calgary

Best in the business by far, I reached out to repair lift 8 months ago and my business increased by 20% since then! They built my website, Updated my google ads, added so many keywords that I didn’t even know about, increased my phones sales and buying. If you’re in the repair business and you don’t have anytime to update your website and google ads reach out to theses guys, they will simplify everything!

Musa Almaliti

Co-Founder – Cell Phones For Less

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