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Google Ads Frequently Asked Questions

Does Repair Lift need access to my Google Ads account?

If you have a Google Ads account, even if you are not currently using it, let Repair Lift know as soon as possible. If we create a new account for you, the account could run into issues later on. 

If two accounts are active for the same business in the same area, the accounts could be suspended. This is something we want to avoid!

How do I give Repair Lift access to my Google Ads account?

Log in to your Google Ads account. In the top right corner you will see a 10-digit account ID number. Send that ID number to Repair Lift and they will request access to your account. 

You cannot give Repair Lift your account login information or invite our account to manage yours because that will not provide us with the type of access we require to run ads in your account.

My Google Ads are marked as “Disapproved”

Due to Google restrictions on third party repair shops, you will see a large number of disapproved ads. Don’t worry! That is normal and expected. Our Google Ads team will be in your account regularly creating new ads and pushing them live for you.

My old Google Ads account was suspended, how do I appeal?

Follow the below steps to submit an appeal:

1. Follow this link and fill out the form.
2. Select the appropriate option from the list of “Please select your suspension reason.”
3. Follow the instructions, then submit your form.
4. Check your email for Google response to your suspension appeal. Their turnaround time varies greatly – it could get taken care of within 24 hours, or it could take up to a couple weeks. Usually it’s a couple days.

I don’t have a Google Ads account, do I need to create one?

No problem, just let Repair Lift know. Our Google Ads team will create a Google Ads account for you and send you access. When the access comes in, make sure to add a payment method so we can get ads rolling for you.

My Ads have gone over the set daily budget

This can happen. Some days we may see the daily budget go up because of over-delivery. Over-delivery happens when Google finds that ads can perform more, so the daily budget may go up. However, the monthly budget will remain the same. So the budget may fluctuate day-to-day, but the total account monthly budget will remain the same.

How do I update my account payment method?

Sign in to your Google Ads account. Within the “Billing & payments” section of your account, you can view and update your card information and payments profile details.

Why can’t Repair Lift implement the recommendations that Google shows in the account?

Repair Lift does not implement the recommendations Google provides because the recommendations are broad suggestions that do not always apply to repair shops.

It says my account is missing keywords, why is that?

We run bulk campaigns as Google keeps disapproving the ads for third-party technical services. A few campaigns may not have keywords because we use them to relaunch new campaigns for ads approvals (because as soon as we add keywords to any approved campaign, Google starts reading out phrases like- phone repair, computer repair which leads to ad disapprovals) so, we keep some campaigns without keywords.

Why can’t I see the ads when I search my keywords?

There are many reasons why you may not see our ads when you’re searching keywords that we are advertising, and it’s impossible for us to achieve a 100% impression share for all of our keywords.

One of the common reasons why you may not see your own ads is that your Google Business Profile might be showing organically already. If your ads have location extensions approved, Google will not show a location extension and an organic GBP listing at the same time, and thus will often hold back on even showing your ad at all since the money is typically spent more efficiently on impressions with a GBP showing.

Google also takes many other factors into consideration, including but not limited to: keyword competitiveness, your past search history and behavior, and where you are currently located. For example, if you constantly search but never click your own ads (which is sensible), then Google will probably stop showing them to you.

We highly recommend not sweating it too much when you don’t see your own ads because we prioritize the account’s overall metrics, including click volume, way over anecdotal instances.