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The Inbox is where you’ll be able to see leads and messages coming in in real time so that you can respond back to them in real time as well, using the same medium that they are.

That means Facebook Messages, Instant Quote submissions, Google Business Profile messages, even contact forms with a little elbow grease, can all get managed in one place for all of your locations.

Logging In

You should be able to login to the Inbox just by clicking the “Inbox” option on the back-end of your widget! However, you should also get an email from with your Inbox login credentials and a link to log in.

That email will go to the same email that we’ve invited to the back end of your widget as well.

This can be useful if you want to have employees just log directly into the inbox without needing to go through your widget’s dashboard.


Setting up your inbox is going to be a very important part of using our dashboard as your primary lead management tool!

If we set up your widget for you, each location on the widget should have all of their quote requests (and replies) populate in the inbox. To set up with Google and Facebook however, you will need to do the following:

Navigate to Settings > Integrations and you should see the option to connect with Google and Facebook right here:

From here, you can integrate directly with your Google and FB accounts to allow access to your Google Business Profiles and Facebook Pages.

Once you have connected with your integrations, if you have only one location, you should be good to go!

If you have multiple locations, you’ll need to do one more step where you add the proper profiles to each location in DigiRep. To do so you’ll just need to go to Settings > Integrations just like before and go into Google or Facebook and from there you’ll be able to assign your profiles to the proper store internally. 

This helps organize messages once they start coming in from multiple stores so that you can see which store is being messaged!

Using the Inbox

Once you have several message streams set up, your inbox will start populating with leads and messages from those sources. Whatever method they are contacting you through is going to be how you’re able to respond, right there from your inbox.

However, if someone uses your instant quote widget tool and gets a text, that lead will populate in your inbox even if they haven’t texted or emailed you back yet! You’ll get to see the message that the customer received, and if you don’t get a reply you can follow up via text to ask if they have any concerns or questions, or you can of course call them up if you’d rather go with that option.

Texting and Email Functionality

Messenger and Google Business Profile communication is fairly straightforward, but how does the Inbox text and email directly with customers on your behalf.


Each one of your locations will get a separate Inbox number that will forward to your store’s number when a customer calls it. If people text the number, it will populate into the inbox of course.

This means when someone requests a quote via text, your widget will text them their quote, and if they have a question and text back you will see their reply directly in the inbox. You can then reply within the inbox to address their concerns, or to just follow up on sent leads!


Similar to the texting functionality, when someone requests a quote via email they will get an email with their quote information. The information that they get sent will appear in your inbox with an outgoing message to them. If they reply to that email with questions, you’ll see those messages populate in the inbox just like a text conversation!