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Considering Temporarily Moving to an Appointment Only Model?

Repair Lift has combined a COVID-19 Landing Page + our Proprietary Instant Quoting Widget so that your customers stay informed and can easily get repair quotes and book appointments.

Benefits to Our System:

Provide Instant SMS Repair Quotes 

Fast, Interactive User Experience

High Conversion Rates

Lead Storage so that You Can Follow Up!

Calendar Link in SMS for Appointments

Offer Come-To-You Services

Include a Service Fee for come-to-you

and Much, Much More

Here is How it Works:


We provide a COVID-19 Landing page (This page can be changed to reflect you policy)

Here is what it would look like


Instant Quoting widget – Provides instant SMS quotes to visitors and collects lead data for your business!

(Make sure you test it out live HERE)


Your prospect receives an SMS like this asking them to book an appointment!

(We can add your Calendar link to the text message. Don’t worry, if you don’t have one you can easily set up a Calendly account or You can book me. We have a template that you can copy to make things easier!)


We provide a site-wide banner on your website to direct visitors to this page.

You many need to switch to an appointment based solution for one of the following reasons:

Your Government mandates a shutdown for your location

Your landlord has closed your building (Malls etc.)

You feel that removing foot traffic is the safest way to operate your business for the time being.

Even if you do NOT need to move to an appointment solution, you should still have a COVID-19 information page and adding our proprietary Instant Quoting Widget to that page will boost your conversion rates and start SMS dialogues with potential customers!

We created some demos for you below to make things easier!

Front-end Demo

Back-end Demo

Paying it forward: Repair Lift is committed to helping the repair community thrive during these difficult times. We want to help you help your customers and that is why we have developed this solution and are offering it at such a low price. 

We feel that every shop NEEDS a system like this in place to improve lead generation systems and provide better user experiences for potential customers. This is why we have also included some free resources below for shops who want to do this themselves. You will also find other free resources at the bottom of the page including a printable COVID-19 Safety policy graphic

Repair Lift Instant Quoting + Appointment Setting Funnel
(Test LIVE Funnel Here)

$149.99 One-time setup fee + 19.99 / mo for the instant quoting widget

Don’t worry, once you checkout we will send you a setup email requesting all of the information needed to tailor the funnel around your business. Turnaround time is 2-7 days depending on order volume. Orders will be filled on a first come first serve basis.

(Please Note: The instant quoting widget was not supposed to be available to non-existing repair lift clients, due to the catastrophic circumstance we have decided to release this product temporarily to help repair shops get through this crisis. We reserve the right to discontinue use of the widget once the pandemic is over.)

Have questions? Give us a call!


Free Solutions You Can Implement On Your Own

Updated hours

Make sure that your temporary hours are always updated on your site regardless of how frequently they change.


Add a site wide banner linking to an information page that you have built regarding your current policies due to covid-19

Appointment system

Ideally you want to use an online booking system like calendly, acuity etc. Make sure your funnel makes sense. Adding instructional content to any point of the funnel where someone might get confused is encouraged. You can also accept bookings over the phone. If you go this route make sure that your page clearly reflects that process to your visitors.

From Repair Lift Co-Founder, Matt Ham

Open Letter For The Repair Community

COVID-19 Employee Safety Guidelines

COVID-19 Safety Policy For Repair Shops

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