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Read this whole page to understand why we think that we’ve built the best buyback lead capture tool in the market.

The Repair Lift buyback site was designed with 2 key objectives in mind.


Streamline your shop’s buyback process


Convert website visitors to REAL Buyback Opportunity

Watch this demo video to learn all about the buyback site in just a few minutes!

How it works for your visitors

A User visits your site

Selects the device condition

And then your site spits out an accurate appraisal via SMS or Email in exchange for the users device & lead information!

How it works for you

Managed Database Pricing

Repair Lift updates our master prices weekly to ensure that you’re never over quoting another device. We pull our prices from Atlas Mobile Co & other databases to ensure that our prices match US Direct buyers each and every week!

With the click of a button you can pull updated prices every week!

Easy to manage pricing

We understand that large scale buyers will want to control pricing by device variant (iPhone 12 pro 128GB unlocked). Having said that busy shop owners may only want to spend 10 minutes or less per week managing buyback prices. Our solution works for both!

Update pricing by catalogue

Add a % in one cell to increase or decrease pricing for all models listed on the site.

Update pricing by category

Example: increase or decrease all iPhone pricing by X %

Update pricing by Model

Example: Increase or decrease all iPhone XR pricing by X %

Update pricing by model Variant

Individually update each variant of each model by inputting your target purchase price for each.

Easily Adaptable

We know that your business is always learning and adapting. That’s why we made it EXTREMELY easy to update the criteria for your device conditions, location info & even SMS/EMail quote delivery templates!

Monthly Model Updates

When a new model update comes, just click a button, wait 4-5 minutes and your site will be updated with all of this month’s newest models!

New Models added monthly

Right now we only support iPhones, iPads and Samsung S & note series. We will be adding Huawei, Xiomi, Game consoles, Macbooks & other PC’s in the near future!

Take a closer look at what we’ve built.

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$250 set up fee!

Save $450

Lifetime Access

One-Time Fee of


What our customers have said about us

Many of our reviews come from industry leaders with multi-store repair operations. See for yourself below!

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