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GHL and AI Instructional Manual

Using Your GoHighLevel Account

How to navigate GHL

Getting started with your GoHighLevel (GHL) account. When you login to your GHL account, you will see a navigation menu on the left hand side. The two main areas you will be most interested in are: Conversations and Contacts. 

Conversations is where you will be able to see your AI Bot interact with your customers. This is also where you will spend time in the first 20-30 days training your AI Bot and making sure it answers questions correctly. 

Next is Contacts. If, for any reason, you need to contact a customer or take a look at their contact information, simply click Contacts. There you will have a log of all the customers who have engaged with your AI Bot and the contact information that was pulled for customers. 

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Let’s take a closer look at Conversations

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In your conversation view, you’ll see the conversations between your AI Bot and your customers. You will be able to view any texts between your AI Bot and customers on Instagram and Facebook. Plus you will see the phone calls between your AI Bot and customers. 

Should you need to pause the AI Bot in a conversation, you simply click the conversation and click “Tags” on the right hand side of the screen. There you will find the option to stop/start your AI Bot.

Finally, let’s look at your Contacts. 

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Here, you will be able to view customers who have interacted with your AI, including the date and time the contact was created.

How do I access my GoHighLevel (GHL) account?

You will receive an email with a link to create a login and access your account. If you do not receive an email, please contact your account manager or

Why do I need A2P 10DLC verification?

A2P 10DLC verification is mandatory in the US to ensure satisfactory SMS delivery. Although it’s not mandatory in Canada, obtaining A2P verification is recommended, as accounts without it may encounter SMS delivery issues.

How do I set up A2P 10DLC verification?

First, compile the following information:

1. You business’ Tax ID or EIN number

2. Legal business name (Enter the exact business name, as registered in the government and mentioned in their tax documents)

3. Company Email

4. Business type (Co-operative, Corporation, Limited Liability Company, Non- Profit Corporation, Partnership)

5. An authorized representative’s

a. Full name
b. Email
c. Job position
d. Phone number

6. A link connected to your account’s consent to contact form (if you do not receive this in onboarding, contact your CSM and they will send it to you)

Next, go to your GHL’s account settings

Click “Settings” > click “Phone Numbers” > click “Trust Center”

Once you’re in the Trust Center, you can begin the registration process.

Complete the steps and your request for verification will be sent to GoHighLevel for approval. 

Do I have to pay the Brand and Campaign registration fee connected to setting up an A2P 10DLC?

 Yes, Repair Lift does not cover this charge.

Why do I need to change my numbers to the ones purchased in my GHL account? 

In order to track which calls turn into customers, we need to set up a call tracking number for each source (Google business profile, website, fb, google ad campaign etc.) Don’t worry, nothing will change on your end. You still answer the phone the same way. We will just have tracking numbers that forward the calls to your phone.

We also take your SEO into account so once we change the Google Business number we will update your NAP citations so your SEO stays strong.

Where do I see an overview of my ads?

Scroll down the left hand menu in your GHL account to “Repair Lift Traffic Report” > Click and login to your Agency Analytics account and you can view a breakdown of your campaigns and traffic.

Using You Repair Lift AI Bot

Getting started with your AI bot

Congratulations on purchasing your first AI bot! Before we can launch your bot, we need to take care of a few items. 

First – Compiling information for your AI Bot to use when communicating with your customers. It’s important we get all the correct device and pricing information for your business. This will ensure that your Bot is able to send the most accurate information to your customers. Please check the onboarding email that was sent to you with the Google Sheet containing the required fields and complete it. 

Second – Once your AI Bot is set up, you will need to monitor the conversations in your GoHighLevel account for the first 20 days. This will ensure that the AI Bot learns all the necessary information it needs, plus learn how to navigate any tricky scenarios. 

If you have any questions, cannot find your google sheet, etc, please contact or your account manager. 

What is the Repair Pricing tab for in my Google Sheet? 

If your POS does not list your prices for device repairs, we ask that you please complete the Repair Pricing Tab as it will allow the AI bot and our team to ensure the correct pricing is being communicated to your customers. 

Alternatively, if for whatever reason we cannot access your POS for repair pricing, please complete the Repair Pricing Tab.

Turning on / off your AI bot

1. To stop AI automation on a conversation, add the tag “Stop Bot” to the contact.

2. To Restart AI automations on a stopped bot, add the tag “Start bot” to the contact.

Both of these tags should already exist in your GHL account.

I need my AI Bot to say I’m closed on a specific, non-holiday dayAccordion Panel Title

If your store will be closed on a certain day that is not a holiday listed in your Google Sheet AI Assistance Questionnaire, simply add the information to the “Regular Store hours and special closing days” and your AI Bot will let your customers know if they ask.

Feedback scenario training

There may be instances where your AI Bot does not answer a question correctly. To correct this, you will need to give your AI feedback on how to correctly answer. You will find your AI bot’s feedback Google sheet in the Google Sheet our team sent you. Below is a sample of what your Feedback Sheet will look like. Please note, the first entry is merely an example.

Feedback policy training

You will need to give your AI Bot feedback on your company’s policies. These items are very important as they provide your AI Bot the key information it needs about your company that will then be communicated to any customer that uses your AI bot. Please enter your information on the Company Policies sheet in the Google sheet we sent you. Please note, the information you’ll see in there are merely examples.